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This page chronicles the history of the Sorabji Resource Site and lists the most substantial modifications. Minor changes and corrections are not mentioned because the site is constantly updated with various fixes. New pages and substantial updates, on the other hand, are documented.

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2018-08-08: Clarification of data about scores with inscriptions by Sorabji in the collections of scores formerly belonging to Felix Harold White and George Woodhouse at the Victoria Library (London) on page Inscriptions in Scores and Books and on Photographs.


2017-12-21: Addition of a reference to the transfer of Erik Chisholm’s papers to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Archives & Collections on page Archival Sources for Letters and Other Documents, and addition of a paragraph about the new edition of Messa grande sinfonica (1955-61; 1,001 pp.) by François Fabre, noting that its page numbers match exactly those of the manuscript on page Structural Outline of the Messa grande sinfonica.

2017-06-20: Addition of an entry for the BBC magazine Radio Times, in which Sorabji appears to have published what may be an open letter, to the list of journals to which he contributed on page Published Essays and Open Letters; see “Editor’s Notes”, The Musical Times 95, no. 1131 (January 1954): 11-12; 12. This may serve as an incentive for someone with access to a full run of the magazine to spend time doing a systematic search. It is known that Sorabji sent letters but they may have remained unpublished.

2017-06-01: Addition of new entries for academic papers on Sorabji (Jeremy Chaulk, Sean McMenamin) and of various links to other entries, especially editions published by the Sorabji Archive.

2017-04-25: Addition of two new entries (Piano Classics, Pronunziato) on page Record Labels and Their Artists and expansion of the entry for Salim Haddad on page Musical and Literary Homages and Dedications.


2016-05-25: Addition of a link to a photograph of Holford House, where Sorabji played for Busoni in November 1919.

2016-05-24: Update of several pages to take into account the publication of the edition of Symphonic Nocturne for Piano Alone (1977-78; 113 pp.) by Lukas Huisman.

2016-05-16: Addition of the durations for nos. 72-83 of the Études transcendantes (100) (1940-44; 456 pp.) to page Notes on the Études transcendantes.

2016-01-18: Update of several pages to take into account the publication of the edition of Third Symphony for Piano Solo (1959-60; 144 pp.) by Abel Sánchez-Aguilera.


2015-10-30: Addition of the citation for a symposium article about Norman Douglas and Sorabji on page Current or Recent Research.

2015-08-31: Added a “Category” column to the table of sketches on page Sketches and Fragments, thus adding the possibility of a more refined perspective on the list.

2015-08-23: Added a “Format” column (for portrait and landscape orientation) and split the “Colours” column into two to obtain “Colour” (of the cover) and “Lettering” to page Dimensions and Colours of the Published Editions.

2015-06-25: Added several links to websites to page Biographical Notes.


2015-06-16: Addition of a column giving the durations of Fredrik Ullén’s performances of Études transcendantes (100) (1940-44; 456 pp.), as well as the ability to sort, to page Notes on the Études transcendantes.

2015-06-11: Addition of several internal links for multiple, joint, and transferred dedications to page Dedicatees of Musical Works.

2015-06-10: Addition of a column (in second position), for sorting purposes, indicating previous publication to page Contents of Around Music and Mi contra fa.

2015-05-07: Addition of data for the first performance of Movement for Voice and Piano (1927, 1931; 9 pp.) to page First Performances.


2015-04-24: Addition on page Archival Sources for Letters and Other Documents of references to letters by Sorabji located at the Cambridge University Library and the Victoria Library (Westminster Music Library) as well as on the website of Brian David Williams.

2015-04-10: Addition of indications of editions known to be in progress on pages List of KSS Numbers and Years of Publication (with a date of 2999 for sorting purposes) and Unperformed Works (by means of a bullet in square brackets).

2015-04-08: Update of several pages to take into account the publication of the edition of Sonata no. 0 for Piano (1917; 30 pp.) by Frazer Jarvis.

2015-04-07: Addition of a table in the introduction to page Editors of Music Scores showing the number of scores and pages edited in each year in which publications were issued since 1969.

2015-03-09: Addition following the titles of the numbers (in Roman numerals) of the movements featuring section titles like “Arabesque-Nocturne” on page Section Titles Used in Multi-Movement Works.

2015-02-27: Inclusion of a link to a photograph of Franz Toussaint, whose translation Sorabji used for the Trois poèmes du “Gulistān” de Saʿdī (1926; 16 pp.), on page References to Photographs of People and Places Connected with Sorabji.

2015-02-25: Addition of a list of libraries with substantial holdings of manuscripts and editions of Sorabji’s works and of recordings of his works on page Archival Sources for Letters and Other Documents, with links to their online catalogues.

2015-02-11: Update of several pages to take into account the publication of the edition of Tāntrik Symphony for Piano Alone (1938-39; 284 pp.) by Abel Sánchez-Aguilera.


2015-01-02: Addition of data for the first performance of the fifth movement of Toccata quarta (1964-67; 149 pp.) to page First Performances and change of wording for the announcement of the performance that was to take place on page Unperformed Works.


2014-12-19: Addition of ten quotations to page Favourite Expressions and Notable Quotations, including two containing 188 and 229 words, respectively.

2014-11-24: Addition of data for the first performance of Frammento cantato (1967; 1 p.) to page First Performances and deletion of the announcement of the performance that was to take place from page Unperformed Works.

2014-11-11: Revision of the introductory section and addition of entries for five collectible items sold at auction by Bonhams between 12 June 2012 and 23 April 2013 on page Discoveries and Acquisitions and Sales of Manuscripts.




2014-10-15: Just in time for the 26th anniversary of Sorabji’s death, implementation of a new JavaScript to calculate the number of years, months, and days elapsed since his birth and death with regard to the current date on page Sundry Facts about Dates. This (hopefully) solves the inconsistencies that happened in some contexts with the previous script. Finding a date calculation script that works flawlessly is unfortunately easier said than done.


2014-10-03: Addition of several links to personal or society websites for people having a link with Sorabji on page Biographical Notes.

2014-10-01: Reformatting of page Correspondents from double- to single-spacing and addition of section headings using the alphabetical sequence of letters. The latter change has also been applied to page Biographical Notes.

2014-09-12: Revision of the second music example in section “Ossias for the Opening and Ending of pars prima of Opus clavicembalisticum” on page Ossias and Crossed-out or Inserted Passages by removing the time signature.

2014-09-10: Revision of most of the introductory texts shown in boxes at the top of each page to simplify the wording, divide long sentences into shorter ones, provide bulleted lists when appropriate, etc. Improvements are rather microscopic but were nevertheless desirable.

2014-08-27: Capitalization of the particle in the name of the pianist Aldo Solito De Solis, which is used as the basis for alphabetization.


2014-08-01: Reshuffling of sections on page Archival Audio and Video Recordings and creation of a section entitled “Friends and Acquaintances”, in which the portrait of Hugh MacDiarmid is now joined by a link to a recording of Erik Chisholm’s voice.

2014-07-29: Addition of a section (with two entries) for Le jardin parfumé: Poem for Piano Solo (1923; 16 pp.) on page Related Works by Other Composers.


2014-05-29: Addition of several tables to page Tables of Contents of the Published Editions, among others for the new editions of the three organ symphonies by Kevin Bowyer.

2014-04-24: Addition to page Sundry Facts about Dates of the JavaScript code needed to display (in the introductory section) the number of years, months, and days elapsed since Sorabji’s birth and death as of the current date. It is thus possible to see how far we are from being able to commemorate an important milestone.

2014-04-01: All hyperlinks (including internal ones) now open in the same window, except for files that are non-Web documents, such as PDF and DOC files.

2014-03-31: Expansion of the download link for Opus sorabjianum on each page’s footer to include version number and release date and enable visitors to easily know if the book has been updated.

2014-03-25: Addition to page Advanced Keyboard Writing of a table devoted to Sorabji’s use of glissandos and sympathetic vibrations (i.e., groups of notes depressed silently).

2014-03-19: Addition of a new table to page Tables of Contents of the Published Editions to include data for Alberto Vignani’s recent edition of the Symphonic Variations for Piano and Orchestra (1935-37, 1953-56; 540 pp.).

2014-03-17: Addition of a fourth column giving the number of pages of the editions (music only) to page Editors of Music Scores.

2014-03-05: Addition of a new page entitled Time and Key Signatures, Metronomic Indications, Numbered Ideas.

2014-03-05: Completion of birth and/or death years for David Branson, George Bethell Datch, Terence White Gervais, Francis Michael Guercio, Harold Vincent Marrot, and Walter Ernest Ottaway on page Biographical Notes.

2014-03-03: Addition of a column (with sorting capabilities) providing the number of pages for the essays in the two tables of page Contents of Around Music and Mi contra fa.

2014-02-28: In order to take into account the 1996 reform of German spelling and the form considered official by the authoritative Duden dictionary, the initial word of the title Schlussszene aus “Salome” von Richard Strauss — Konzertmäßige Übertragung für Klavier zu zwei Händen (1947; 25 pp.) is now written as shown here instead of Schluß-Szene. See the relevant note on page Titles of Works Containing Diacriticals.




2013-10-03: Addition of two new pages to the “Opus sorabjianum” menu entry: Sound Clips for the Musical Examples (posting of version 1.00) and Illustrations.

2013-09-11: Addition of a new section entitled “Books and Contributions to Edited Books” to page Published Essays and Open Letters.

2013-08-14: Addition of a new section (“Opus sorabjianum”, in bold type) to the menu structure to house material associated with the publication of Opus sorabjianum: The Life and Works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji, the long-awaited biography of Sorabji by the author of the present website. The main page of this section is entitled Presentation of Opus sorabjianum: The Life and Works of Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji and Download Link. Publication of version 1.00 happens on the very of day of Sorabji’s 121th anniversary and two years after the inauguration of the Sorabji Resource Site. The official announcement can be found on the Sorabji Forum.

2013-05-31: Addition to page Musical and Literary Sources (with Links to Online Versions) of links to PDF versions of musical scores in the public domain available on IMSLP, and addition of further links to literary texts.

2013-04-29: Addition of a column for the year of publication of the latest edition in the List of KSS Numbers and Years of Publication.

2013-01-21: Addition (between square brackets after the heading) of the most used form (in normal order) of the names of the people mentioned in Biographical Notes to facilitate Internet searches using quotation marks.


2012-11-12: Addition of a page entitled Travels and Holidays.

2012-10-09: Addition of a page entitled Structure of the Triple Fugue of the Variazioni e fuga triplice sopra “Dies irae”.

2012-04-18: Renaming of a page to Linguistic and Musical Problems in Titles of Works and substantial revision of the introductory paragraphs as well as addition of two titles to reflect the coverage of musical problems.

2012-04-18: Modifications to the titles of four works:

2012-03-28: Addition of several entries (not of recent items) to page Discoveries and Acquisitions and Sales of Manuscripts.

2012-03-21: Addition of several entries to page Reproductions of Manuscripts in Printed Sources and Library Catalogues.

2012-03-19: Addition of a page entitled Literary Tastes, offering an extensive list of close to 190 books read by Sorabji during the years 1930 and 1953 (with name of author, years of birth and death, subject, source, and reference).

2012-01-20: Reordering of the menu entries and insertion of separators (from two to six) to achieve clearer grouping and make it easier for the eye to find a topic, especially in the substantial section on “Sources”.

2012-01-20: Addition of a page entitled Related Works by Other Composers, listing earlier or later settings by other composers of texts used by Sorabji in his songs or, in the case of works based on pre-existent material, transcriptions or uses of the same works.


2011-11-08: Addition of a substantial entry about Hugh MacDiarmid on page Archival Audio and Video Recordings.

2011-08-31: Addition of a page entitled Tables of Contents of the Published Editions, providing initial page numbers of movements or sections for all the published editions of the sectional works as a complement to similar data offered for the manuscripts in Paul Rapoport’s catalogue of works in SCC, 109-74.

2011-07-04: Addition of a page entitled Interest in Occultism, Religion, Numerology, and Eroticism.

2011-05-13: Addition of links to online versions of texts that have inspired Sorabji to page Musical and Literary Sources.

2011-04-20: Addition of annotations providing data such as publication years, founders, editors, editorial stance, etc. for most periodicals in which Sorabji published articles and open letters to page Musical and Non-Musical Journals.

2011-04-18: Addition of a page entitled List of KSS Numbers giving the correspondence between the KSS numbers assigned to Sorabji’s works by the Sorabji Archive and the titles used on the Sorabji Resource Site.

2011-04-14: Deletion of the entry for Symphonia brevis for Piano (1973; 120 pp.) from page Works Performed but not Recorded and addition on page Track Timings of the Altarus and Continuum Recordings following the release of the Altarus AIR-CD-9064(2) by Donna Amato.

2011-03-31: Addition of the names of translators and change from one- to two-column layout for the years of birth and death on page Poets Set to Music to enable sorting on each of the dates and make it possible to see easily which writers are still under copyright.


2011-03-10: Addition of several links to pictures available from Wikipedia Commons and from the National Portrait Gallery (London) to page References to Photographs of People and Places Connected with Sorabji.

2011-03-07: Substantial modification to the entry for Alvin Langdon Coburn on page Photographers and Artists, providing a link to a reconstruction of his book Musicians of Mark.


2010-08-25: Addition of a substantial section entitled “1992: Use of the Latin Language in Paul Rapoport’s Sorabji: A Critical Celebration” on page Humour, Popular Culture, Trivia, Etc.

2010-08-19: Addition of a page entitled Works Performed but not Recorded.

2010-08-18: Addition of sections entitled “Age of Sorabji’s Parents at the Time of Their Marriage (18 February 1892)” and “Age at Significant Steps of His Life” on page Sundry Facts about Dates.

2010-08-18: Google has finished indexing the Sorabji Resource Site.

2010-08-11: Marc-André Roberge announces on the Sorabji Forum and on the Yahoo! Sorabji Group the launch of the Sorabji Resource Site in time for the 118th anniversary of Sorabji’s birth on 14 August.


2009-08-31: At the end of his sabbatical year, Marc-André Roberge considers that his Sorabji Resource Site, but for a few minor details, is complete, but decides to wait the appropriate moment to make it public.

2009-08-14: On the 117th anniversary of Sorabji’s birth, Marc-André Roberge allows Alistair Hinton to navigate, confidentially, on the sea of data about the composer’s life and works that the Sorabji Resource Site represents. He will thus have been the first person to have access to the site and comment on it. His suggestions for corrections and improvements have been incorporated.


2008-04-07: Marc-André Roberge begins coding the first page of the Sorabji Resource Site.

2008-03-17: Marc-André Roberge begins working on a table of contents (or list of topics to be included).


2007-11-06: The Dean of the Faculty of Music at Laval University (Québec) approves Marc-André Roberge’s project for a sabbatical year consisting, among others, in the creation of a research website on Sorabji.

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